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    Navigator - Inequity Worker (Noah D Remix)

    billy Hill

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    Artist: Navigator | Title: "Inequity Worker 2011 (Noah D Remix)" Liondub International & | Release Date : February 1st, 2011 Produced By : Liondub International | F-Troop | NoahD | 55 Films


    Liondub International is a label that relentlessly unleashes cutting edge creations onto the listening public and is well known for its deep connections with the history of jungle, dub and reggae music. Keeping the label's product in high demand and steering its course to ever higher quality productions is mastermind, world-famous DJ and producer Liondub. There is no question that this time around he has put one together for the books.

    To describe MC Navigator's contribution to Jungle music goes beyond words - one has to hear it. Heralding from a UK reggae sound-system DJ/MC background, Navigator has always been an integral part of the process that opened up the Jungle sound to a wider roots audience, by toasting over the accelerated breakbeats and dub-injected basslines. Navigator's career is studded with numerous hit singles and chart toppers, including "More Fire" released with Bad Company, and "Inequity Worker" originally recorded with D*Note in 1994 and also remixed by Roni Size & DJ Krust. "Inequity Worker" received massive radio play and club support selling 50,000 units on the Dorado label and a further 100,000 as part of Telstar's "Jungle Mania 2 Compilation" garnering Navigator a Gold Disc as a result. Flash forward to 2011 and we have Navigator teaming up with Liondub International to give this classic anthem a fresh workout from the highly talented, multi-genre producer Noah D.

    Letting his junglist skills shine, Noah D has matched Navi's cutting political message with a heavy, slicing dark-rollers rhythm track. The track's theme is introduced with a layered cinematic ambience. Echoing woodblocks and suspenseful piano stabs up the ante as Navigator heads into the main lyric. As Navigator speaks of the pressure in a system of injustice we feel the sonic weight of Noah D's sub-bass swelling up with every verse. Dancing along to the lyrics you can hear the urgency of this message, sadly more important now than ever to a stratified and war torn world. So whether you know the original '95 cut by heart or have never heard it before, this track will ring true for conscious junglists and reggae fans everywhere. Look out for the hard hitting video too...Available February 1st, 2011 in all Digital Formats exclusively at Juno Download.