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    Nadia Reisenberg Plays Haydn - Sonata No. 60 in C Major, Hob. XVI-50 - allegro


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    Born in Vilnius, Nadia studied under Leonid Nikolayev at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory.
    She gave concerts in the 1920s, particularly with her sister Clara Rockmore, but in 1930 went to study again and chose Josef Hofmann as a tutor.
    Nadia Reisenberg's most important concert activity took place in the 1940s.
    In later years Nadia taught at the Juilliard School and was a frequent juror for the Leventritt Competition. Among her notable pupils are pianists Elena Braslavsky and Rami Bar-Niv. Her son Robert Sherman currently teaches courses on The Business of Music at Juilliard and previously wrote music criticism for The New York Times for four decades. He and her other son Alexander co-authored a biography on their mother, Nadia Reisenberg: A Musician's Scrapbook (1985).
    Nadia died in 1983 at the age of 78 in New York City.

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