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    Missouri Camping insights: RV Park and Campsite etiquette


    by campingstl

    Missouri Camping insights: RV parks and campsite etiquette St. Louis area RV park and campground enthusiast shares his insights about RV Park and campsite etiquette. For a helpful report, visit my website for a free download about camping equipment. Hi, I’m Melissa and I love visiting campgrounds, RV parks and paintball fields throughout the midwest. I currently live in the St. Louis, Missouri area but I enjoy traveling whenever I can. I've learned a few things that others tell me has helped them get the most out of there camping trips and adventures and I hope my thoughts can help you.

    In today’s society, many people just are not as polite as they used to be. Todays campers do not understand campsite etiquette. So how do you deal with people walking through your campsite?

    Its not so easy in todays world. People have a hard time speaking to strangers, and letting them know that they are doing something wrong. But if you do not want to be invaded in your own space, then you have to stand up for yourself.

    It is our jobs as experienced campers to educate the others. Its not just kids, its adults as well. So when someone is walking through your campsite, or displaying unappropriate campground etiquette, do not be afraid to speak up in a calm and polite voice and educate them.

    Alot of people do not respect other peoples property these days. Have you thought about when that candy wrapper hits the ground, who has to pick it up. What about the trash that is left behind in the fire pit. Someone at the campground has to go behind and clean all that up. Is that fair to them, or to the camper coming in the site directly behind you if the campground workers do not get it.

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