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    A "Playroom" Art Exhibit at MACVAL


    par lisafalour

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    copyright 2013 Lisa B. Falour, B.S., M.B.A. all rights reserved

    The copyright refers only to my video clip and commentary on this amusing art installation at MACVAL in Vitry-sur-Seine outside Paris, France. It's easy to get to via public transportation -- there's a new tramway, which runs right to here! We visited on the first Sunday of the month, so it was free, but it's not expensive to visit this large, new museum of contemporary art, which features a garden, a restaurant, a documentation center with a médiathèque and all, and permanent and temporary art exhibitions. We found it a pleasant, relaxing experience.

    The artist featured is Fabrice Hyber, and his "Prototypes d'Objets en Fonctionnement (POF)" show features several hundred works. In this big "playroom," a lot of the things can be touched and played with. You can even take a pencil (provided) and scribble on the walls! Everyone seemed to be enjoying this big room -- not just the happy children.

    Musée d'art contemporain de Val-de-Marne
    Place de la libération
    94400 Vitry sur Seine FRANCE
    telephone +33 (0) 1 43916420

    Seems to be closed Mondays, usually costs 5 euros to get into the shows.

    Val-de-Marne is one of the départements in the Greater Paris ("Ile-de-France") region and refers to the River Marne. While visiting Paris, please do not limit yourself to the 20 central arrondissements -- you will miss a lot! The public transportation system in and around Paris is quite good and good value for your money (although I personally do not care for the RER train system). Buy a ten-pack ("carnet") of mètro-bus-tramway tickets at any tobacconist, in the mètro stations and from machines at many of the tramway (and some of the bus) stations, for a big savings!

    I am available as a consultant and guide in France.

    My YouTube channels are CUTECATFAITH and SLOBOMOTION. My website is and there is a contact point there to reach me directly.

    The artist, Fabrice Hyber, has a pronounced sense of humor and the absurd, and we really enjoyed this show.