superman panic in the sky

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I grew up with George Reeves as a kid in the 1950's episodes. By far he was the most Serious Superman than the "superman of today.
By Williamwhitesr1 September
Thank You.
By Williamwhitesr1 September
Glad to be of help. At 72 I still enjoy watching superman over and over again. I guess my favorites are the Movie serials that were shown on Saturdays at the Local Movie Theater for only ten cents. If you are not familiar with them or loved them as a kid check out the ones I have posted here at dailymotion
By superannuatedlps March
I am 50 in this year, 2014. I have had a memory deep down in my brain of an Adventures of Superman episode that I saw when I was really young. It was about 1971 and I was 8. I watched an episode that was so good that I was stunned by it. I couldn't believe how weird an episode it was! All I remember about it was... it was black & white, with people looking up into the sky, and I remember some strange clouds up there. And I remember that it was dangerous. That's all I remember. I kept looking for that episode to come on again. It didn't........ After about 15-20 years passed, I just thought that I will probably never see it.

But I FOUND IT! "Panic in the Sky." I watched it. It was like a dream come true. I can cross the "cloud episode" of Superman off of my list! Thank you! - Richard Kutney -
By Richard Kutney March