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    Flylow Tough Guy Glove [Review]


    by jlukasavige

    It's glove review week from Ski Cooper near Leadville, CO and I'm bringing you the best. At the end of this series I'll bring all the gloves together into one review to tell you which I like best and why.

    The temperature is warming up and I'm switching to the Flylow Tough Guy Glove. At only $30 retail, it offers serious durability, warm, and dexterity.

    Flylow claims they're just as tough as $150 gloves, and I might argue they're even tougher. At $150 you might be tempted to only wear your gloves for skiing. But that's not convenient is it? For $30, you can afford to go through a few pairs of these, but I doubt you'll need to.

    SnoSealed and Triple Baked by Big Al, the Tough Guy Gloves won't disapoint.

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