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    Evolution Worlds (Gamecube) Walkthrough ~ PART 26 ~ Crypt Maze


    par WishingTikal

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    This dungeon has fifteen floors. It's IMO the most annoying dungeon and I hate it with a passion. On B1F, go down the right stairway to find an Upgrade Kit on B2F, then head back up and down the left stairway.

    If you can't find the exit on B5F, that's because you need to step on the warp (that blue/white circle -- not a trap) in the middle room to teleport to the stairway. On B6F, you'll find two stairways; one is the exit, the other leads to what seems to be a dead-end. Press A with Mag to break the suspicious wall to reveal a secret room leading to another Upgrade Kit.

    B9F is quite confusing too. You'll find three stairways. Two of them lead down to a very large room full of enemies and chests. The correct stairway leading to B10F towards the exit is located on the opposite side of one of the two stairways on B9F. Just look around and try them all.

    You'll find the Map of Crypt Maze in a chest hidden within a crate on B12F. On B15F, in the passage leading to the boss room, you can break the wall to find a hidden room with a Prehistoric Coin (need Dowsing Stone).

    Enemies: Conodont, Havoc, EX Monitor,
    Massdont, Hind, Rhinoceros,
    Chestnut, Shadow, Super Horn,
    Rocknut, Monitor.