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    Getting Started With Banks For Real Estate Investors


    by REIAofMacomb

    Why People Are Afraid To Invest In Real Estate
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    Real estate values are back with a vengeance. Nice houses in good neighborhoods are only lasting days on the market. The REIA of Macomb is Michigan's #1 real estate investor association founded by Dylan Tanaka is dedicated to helping you make more money in 2013 flipping houses.

    The REIA of Macomb is Michigan's #1 real estate investors club who's motto is Learn, Grow, & Network.

    Learning-It doesn't matter if you've just been bitten by the real estate bug or if you've completed 100 deals. Every month at The REIA of Macomb's Main Event you'll have the opportunity to learn how to make more money in Michigan real estate from a speaker who is doing business in our market today. The days of the traveling "get rich" pitchmen are long gone. When you attend the REIA of Macomb you receive the real meat and potatoes about what's going on right now in Michigan's Foreclosure Boom.

    Growing-There are more real investors who are doing business in today's market at each and every REIA of Macomb event than any other place on this planet.

    Networking-Before The REIA of Macomb existed there wasn't a place for real estate investors to get together on a regular basis to share war stories, contractors, tenants, and to tell others of their profitable deals. Networking is a big part of why the REIA of Macomb is one of the most successful real estate clubs in the United States today.

    You will Learn, Grow, & Network

    Get access to 19 FREE training videos