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    Chandelier Made From Corks

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    See these lights which are made from everyday items.

    Next time, think twice before you throw away those seeming useless corks.

    A London based, male designer creates lights using everyday items.

    One of his works is dubbed the Celebration Chandelier. It is derived from champagne corks which are crafted into individual lamps and grouped together.

    The artist decided to utilize the corks after noticing how many were just tossed away everyday by restaurants and bars.

    Every chandelier has its own shape and form with a differing number of corks used. It is simply described as a “neutral and honest” lighting fixture.

    The designer states “the notion of recycling is an important part to my practice however this is not my prime objective.”

    His intention is to showcase the relationship between the light and the easily discarded objects.

    How do you like this chandelier? Do you think you could put in your house?