Chinese Media Uses Gang Rape to Attack Democracy

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The recent gang rape inside a New Delhi bus shocked India. It sparked massive protests and calls for better protection of Indian women.

The incident was also widely discussed in China. State-run media issued articles like these.

This one by Xinhua News Agency is titled: "India's 'Democracy' Cannot Protect Women". Another by state-run Beijing Youth Daily says the incident tore through India's democratic system.

By linking the gang rape to India's system of government, Chinese state-run media argues that democracy is not something that should be sought after, because it doesn't necessarily offer a better life for the public.

That sparked a debate on Chinese Internet. Some point out that Indians could at least freely protest on the streets. Local media are also allowed to report on it.

Scenes like these, Chinese netizens said, could not be possible in China.

This netizen says if a similar attack happened in China, it would have been Chinese officials who were the attackers, and the incident would be covered up.

Some of those discussions are now being silenced on Chinese Internet. Indian newspaper, the Hindu, reported today that a search about the subject on Sina Weibo, turns up a page that says the results could not be displayed according to regulations. This usually means the topic is becoming censored by authorities.

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