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    Man Wears $250,000 Solid Gold Shirt

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    by Geo Beats

    An Indian businessman buys a $250,000 solid gold shirt.

    Sure, gold looks nice and expensive but I doubt you like it as much as one man from India.

    He purchased a $250,000 solid gold shirt and wore it during the New Year’s celebration. According to The Times of India, it took a whole team of goldsmiths who worked 18 hours a day for more than two weeks to complete the gold garment.

    The shirt features a gold belt and six Swarovski crystal buttons. The businessman is excited to expand his already impressive gold collection and refers to his newest addition as “an investment”.

    He stated “The gold shirt has been one of my dreams. People buy cars or go on holidays abroad. For me, gold is the ultimate passion.”

    The gold craze is leading to more availability. Last year, the GOLD to go vending machine gained massive popularity.
    The machine dispenses gold for cash. It literally is that simple - you put in your cash and you get your security-backed gold. Buyers can get a variety of products including gold bars ranging from 2.5 grams in weight to 250 grams.