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    Taxi Driver in Spotlight After Shower With Robbery Suspect

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    A taxi driver's license is reinstated after his intimacy with a robbery suspect.

    A taxi driver in Perth who was accused of singlehandedly apprehending a female robbery suspect, has had his license reinstated. The woman is currently accused of armed robbery and carjacking along with other offenses.

    Apparently, in his statement to police, the taxi driver had admitted to taking the woman to his house, where they were involved in intimate activities. Apparently his behavior violated the taxi driver's work code of conduct and the Western Australia Department of Transport suspended his license.

    During a hearing, the driver claimed that the woman had entered his cab and held him hostage. However the prosecutor alleged that the taxi operator and the woman showered together and became intimate at his house.

    The driver retorted, claiming that he was trying to gain the suspect’s trust and his license was reinstated.
    The driver later stated, "I am very happy with the decision ... I got my licence and my credibility back."

    Several years back, a man was punished for doing a good deed.
    Colin Bruley grabbed a shotgun before attending to a shooting victim in the apartment complex where he lived and worked as a leasing agent. The building management claimed he violated company polices citing 'gross misconduct' for carrying a weapon even though it had not been used in the incident.