Norovirus Cases Expected to Climb

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Norovirus cases are expected to climb this winter.

The winter season is often associated with a never-ending streak of cold and flu.

However, this year, there is another potential threat called ‘norovirus’ which is essentially a vomiting disease. In Britain, over 1 million people have already suffered from the virus this winter.

The increase in norovirus has also been seen in Japan, across Europe and other countries. Unfortunately the exceeding number of cases is expected to get even higher in the coming months.

Health authorities in the United States recently announced that roughly 400 people on two cruise ships had been struck with an illness which was reported to be norovirus. There is no vaccine available at this time which will prevent norovirus and there is no drug which can treat it.

Symptoms appear suddenly and include severe stomach cramping, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. The sickness is highly contagious. It is spread easily from person to person.

Although sufferers usually get better within a few days, it is imperative to wash hands often and stay out of public places if you suspect you have contracted norovirus.