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    New legislation in Isreal Over the Fashion Industry Body Image Debate

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    by Iconici MMA

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    The ultra-thin body image in the fashion industry has hit the headlines again this time with lawmakers in Israel.

    More and more people and brands in the industry are taking notice to this very hot topic and how it impacts not only our youth but the models that are just starting out in the industry.

    January 2007 the Council of Fashion Designers of America announced its Health Initiative it set clear goals: specifying guidelines for a healthier diet; vowing to identify and help those vulnerable to eating disorders; establishing minimum age requirements for models; creating a model-mentorship program; and asking that models be provided with plentiful breaks and access to nutritious food and privacy during shoots and shows.

    In 2012 Vogue Magazine followed suit backing the CFDA with the same guidelines for all 18 of their magazines. Top models Coco Rocha, Tyra Banks, Lara Stone and other have even spoken out about their personal experiences in the industry and their support for the Health Initiative. Now lawmakers in Israel are stepping in by creating new legislation of how much Body Mass a girl must have in order to work in fashion shows and photo shoots. The legislation also covers photo editors as well.

    Do you think Health Initiative and legislation will help create a healthier fashion industry?

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