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    'Texas Chainsaw 3D' Review Round-Up


    by ClevverMovies

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    There have been some mixed feelings about the new Texas Chainsaw 3D, and a lot of you out there have made it clear about your own skepticism, so we have done our homework on what the critics are saying out there to help you decide if you should hit the theaters to see it! First of all, you need to know that this film isn't a direct remake, but it does pick up right where Tobe Hooper's 1974 classic the Texas Chainsaw Massacre legend left off. The lead character, Heather, played by Alexandra Daddario finds out that her grandmother left her a Texas estate. She then decides to take a road trip with a group of friends, and finds that she is now the owner of a Victorian mansion that has been isolated...and for a reason. And the rest is history, right? It's really hard to make a great horror movie, and with the original landing at #40 on Rotten Tomato's best horror movie list, as well a slew of other remakes you're bound to be compared to, you're already setting yourself up for a tough fight. As for Chainsaw 3D, Rotten Tomatoes isn't too impressed as it's critics are giving it a 43%. One critic there says quote" that this may be the single stupidest movie ever made to feature the words "Texas," "Chain" and/or "Saw" in its title." Another critic at says "Truth be told, the most frightening thing about the franchise at this point is that it just keeps on going." Ouch. One good review came from Variety where the critic said he thought that it was quote "A better-than-average horror-thriller that relies more on potent suspense than graphic savagery or stereoscopic tricks." And ScreenCrush had a good point in saying that it is quote "every 16 yr olds rite of passage to sneak into an R-Rated slasher, get grossed out by blood, turned on by boobs, and shout back at the screen." Well, what about the element of 3D. Could that make or break if for you all? The Hollywood reporter wasn't a fan of the feature, saying that it quote "shoved blood spurts and the occasional chainsaw directly into viewers faces."Well.... Is it weird that I think that sounds pretty cool? Wait, no...don't answer that. So, the reviews aren't steller, but are they bad enough to keep you from the theaters? Let us know down below if you plan on going out to catch Texas Chainsaw 3D which comes out January 4th. Until next time, Im Erin White, see you all next time.