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    'Guardians of the Galaxy' Casting: Drax & Star-Lord


    by ClevverMovies

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    We have some new casting rumors about the Guardians of the Galaxy team, and the next character up for grabs in Hollywood is that of Drax The Destroyer. We all know Drax's story. He was Arthur Douglas, a normal guy who became "The Destroyer" after his family was murdered by Thanos, the Mad Titan. Kronos took over Arthur's soul and put it inside a bigger and better body, to be able to challenge Thanos' power. And, if you're one of the few people who haven't spent too much time getting to know the Guardian's team, check out our ClevverU show link below, to get yourself caught up! As for Drax, right now, there are three actors who have all rumored to have tested for the role according to Comic Book Movie, and we are anxious to know what you all think about them. First up is WWE Superstar Dave Bautista. You may remember him from his role in RZA's 2012 film 'The Man With the Iron Fists' opposite Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu. Second is Isaiah Mustafa, who everyone knows as the Old Spice Guy, and the third choice is Brian Patrick Wade who you may know as Penny's jealous ex-boyfriend in The Big Bang Theory. All very interesting choices, but can they pack the star power Drax needs? Also, as far as the "short list" goes for the coveted role of Star-Lord, Peter Quill? it's getting longer by the day ...with a laundry list of actors rumored to be in the running including Joseph Gordon-Levitt from The Dark Knight Rises, Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville, John Krasinski from The Office, as well as Zero Dark Thirty's Joel Edgerton and Thor: The Dark World's Zachary Levi. And just today, Moviehole took to the twitterverse to hint that a former "superman" is also on the "huge" shortlist. Superman??? Hmmm....could this mean we could see Tom Welling or Brandon Routh? Or maybe even Dean Cain? So many questions, not enough answers!!! Well, hopefully we will get some concrete casting news soon, because the film is supposed to be hitting theaters in August of 2014. So, with all of the rumors out there we want to hear from you, the Marvel experts, on who should carry the stories of our favorite Guardians. Are you impressed with the Drax choices? Do you think the actor's attached to Star Lord have what it takes to win you over? Give us your thoughts down below in the comment section, and don't forget to sub to our channel so we can give you all of the latest Guardians of the Galaxy news when it happens! Until next time friends, Im Erin White and we'll see ya soon!