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    Smart Strategies in Buying New Construction in Novi


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    Smart Strategies in Buying New Construction in Novi (See Below)

    Conquest Real Estate lists down smart strategies when buying new construction in Novi.

    Buying a home always seems to be process, which is alike in many ways. However, this differs in what kind of home you will be buying. For those who intend to purchase new construction in Novi, there’s a lot more work and research to do other than planning for your mortgage. There is a difference in buying an old house compared to new, and this is something you need to understand before finally signing the deal.

    Conquest Real Estate Group offers you a handful of clever tips for a better approach when buying new construction Novi MI:

    • Opt to Escrow if not all adjustments are completed by schedule. It’s a way to push your builder into completing the work. The builders will have more incentive to finish right on time.

    • Get custom features added in your home. Your builder may offer you to update a few things in the new construction in Novi, and this is a great way to gain upgrades. These features are easier to do in a new home, because the materials are already available onsite.

    • Find other financing opportunities. As a buyer of new construction in Novi, you can have various financing options for your new home, unlike when buying resale. Many builders usually work with a bank, but you are not required to go with them if you choose to. In fact, chances are you can get a better rate when you shop around for other lenders.

    • Remember to negotiate. Previously owned homes offer a lot of deals because of the age factor; most likely, more square footage is presented for lesser expense. However, for new construction in Novi, you can also find deals because builders are open to negotiate with buyers on new sites. The price pressure is on the builder, especially knowing that the market is experiencing a lowdown.

    Buyers are drawn to new construction in Novi because they’re starting afresh, even if it means a higher price tag than the resale homes. Still, they’re getting the best value with a longer economical life and a customized property just as they want. To get started on your own, new home in Novi, visit

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