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    Female vs Female vs Male!

    Papyrus Blood

    by Papyrus Blood

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    I've seen more ads have females against each other. Sometimes for a man. A lot of times I've seen the man want neither of them, and go after something completely different in mind. At the end he's hanging out with some other guys, and the women aren't there anymore. The females were just objects to fight each other, then taken out for the plot.

    It's like how in comics and books the female characters are strong, smart, and just all around awesome. In the movies and tv shows they fall over themselves for male attention and affection. That's another subject, but all things link together - somehow.

    That's one of the good things about gay and bi women. They are the key symbols that females CAN get over hating each other. They either never got it, or saw it and broke themselves out of it. I'm speaking with the psychologically decent ones in mind. There are a few hetero females that see through and reject this drilling of hate towards each other, as well. Some, like myself, have looked outside gender. Things are different when you're looking from the outside in. You see things people on the inside don't see. When I accepted myself as genderqueer who our society basically thrives on gender to separate peoples' rights, respects, and roles all started to show themselves as ugly truths. Truths we must work to break to become a better place.