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    Black Label Society - In This River (Doom Troopin' Live)

    Eagle Rock

    by Eagle Rock

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    Frank Westphal
    Zero Comments!!!? Okay first and foremost... thank you Zakk Wylde, Dimebag, and all other kick ass fucking musicians who play from the heart and live in freedom. I watch this video and what I see is people coping with human emotion. A man, like any other human, coping with pain. A pure expression of the very soul of our existence. Thank you Zakk! The loss of a loved one is unparalleled in our experience of life. I hear kick ass world class guitar playing and song writing, tone at it's finest, and a great song overall. But what I hear the loudest is love and respect for life and love. Zakk, and other musicians have inspired and renewed my love for life and love in ways words simply cannot describe. We are people. We are free. We love and we live, and we deal with pain. When I hear this I feel free. When I play my fucking guitar, and bend, and wah, and hit harmonics, and rip as best I can I don't think about anything. I feel. I live. And I fucking love music and the soul good musicians put in to it. It's not about who's the best, or fame, or money, or girls, or any of that bullshit. Fuck that bullshit. It's about love for one another, and living free. I have never heard a musician who expresses that better than you, Zakk Wylde. In ways that will probably never be documented, but have had an extraordinary effect, you have changed the world. Know this.... Zakk, Ozzy, Chris Cornell, Jerry Cantrell, Corey Taylor, Dime, Dave Grohl, Randy Rhoads, and so may others I have failed to mention. have literally changed the world. And Ozzy, like or not, you did change the world... for the better. You are loved. It is only on the shoulders of giants who stood before, that others can gather the strength to follow their hearts, and souls. Thank you again. Peace and love. And, one final note.... 10's, Pantera, 2:37, guitar playing and song writing at it's finest. You all have made a bigger difference than any textbook will ever define. Frank
    By Frank WestphalOctober