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    Amar Rahe Ye Pyar

    Lehren Movies

    by Lehren Movies

     Kishan is employed with Thomas as an independent contractor, and lives a middle-classed lifestyle in occupied India along with his expectant wife, Geeta, who has a compassionate brother in Shewakram. Kishan suddenly passes away in an accident and a devastated Geeta, who wants to kill herself, is consoled by her brother. But the situation gets even worse when she loses the baby and resigns herself to her situation. With the increase in religious riots after the departure of the British, she comes across an abandoned male child, takes him home, adopts him and named him Raju. Five years later she will face challenges when the wife, Razia, of Advocate Iqbal Hussein, will show up to claim Raju as her's - and is even prepared to take custody through the courts.