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    Lányi M. Géza - A CRAZY WINE-SONG (Remix-3)

    Geza Martin Lanyi

    by Geza Martin Lanyi

    Suggestion: It is not every day wine with a little bit crazy, a bit comical, like myself, it became "a crazy drinking song" in the English title.

    This music stream video is basically a song about the love of wine, and "the sorrow of the Hungarian fun" feeling about life. However, in my video I would like to pay my respects waived the Transylvanian Székely Hungarian and Highland (Szepesség) cipszer German-speaking ancestors as well. If you take it now and then just jump into something different than you thought, because it is possible that the music soundtrack images and video sequences can integrate responsible ... I will wash my hands.

    Here only those which I composed my songs and videos to upload, which I have on my computer at home, Editors, real (without real instruments), regardless of whether it might not be the song I was rapporteur. I hope you will like it.

    Song title: A Crazy Wine-song
    Singer Artist and Songwriter (Music & Lyrics) and Video Editing: Geza M Lanyi
    Style: Alternative Pop-Dance & German Folk Waltz
    Tempo: 120 BPM and 180 BMP
    Tonality of E-flat minor
    Music recording time: 5 min, 2 sec
    Video length: 5 min 47 sec
    Music recorded a year: 2011

    Song Chord Pattern:

    || Em | Am | D7 | G | C | F#m 7b/5b | B7 | Em ||

    BRIDGE: bass + drums (2 x 3/4)

    ||: Gsus2/E - Em - Em7/D - (Gsus2/C - G6/B) | Csus2/A | C6/D |
    |G2| G| F#m7b/5b/A|D7|B7 :||B7/4/E-F#-G-F#|B - B7/A - B ||