Rescuers Get Stuck After Bus Falls into Sinkhole

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Two rescuers fall into a sinkhole.

Recently a water main break resulted in a major sinkhole in the city of Oceanside, California. A bus had descended into the sinkhole and two male rescuers rushed to the scene to save the driver.

According to a witness, both men fell in the hole which contained so much water that it was over their heads. They were able to pull themselves out as police officers and other city officials arrived to help.

While no one was injured during the ordeal, nearly 400 nearby homes were affected from the broken pipe line, as residents were left without running water and couldn’t flush their toilets.

Sinkholes have been the cause of many unfortunate occurrences recently. Earlier this year, Juan Unger was driving on Highway 174 in Ottawa, Canada, when he noticed a black patch ahead that he thought was a tarp.
It turned out to be a hole that was reported to be as big as an Olympic-sized pool. His four-door car plummeted into the sinkhole. Thankfully he was able to open his door and climb out.