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    Using Beet Juice for De-Icing Roads

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    by Geo Beats

    Beet juice is useful when de-icing roads.

    Using beet juice mixed with salty brine is a more effective way to keep the roads safe during the winter.

    Reportedly New York state is planning on using beet juice this winter to melt the ice on their roadways.

    The combination of beet juice with a salty brine liquid not only reduces the damage caused to roads by salt alone, it also lasts longer by lowering the freezing temperature of the brine, so the number of times it has to be reapplied is lower.

    It is also environmentally safer; causing less runoff damage that when just salt is used.

    Not everyone is taken with the idea of using beet juice, and the costs that come along with it, which are reportedly four times more expensive then the brine mixture without the beet juice.
    Chicago’s Public Works Director, Dale Schepers is quoted in the Chicago Tribune as saying: "I was under whelmed. Based on what I had heard from other communities, I had expected to see a big difference, but we did… not notice a significant difference.”

    What do you think? Should cities use beet juice to help keep the roads safe?