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    Mall of America - 10 Surprising Facts

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Learn 10 surprising facts about the Mall of America.

    The Mall of America is one of the world's largest malls. Here are 10 mind-boggling facts about this landmark.

    Number 10 – The numbers 55425 may not seem to be of importance, however those digits serve as the malls own zip code.

    Number 9 - Counter-intuitive to its name, the Mall of America is owned by a Canadian company, The Triple Five group.

    Number 8 – If you wanted, you could fit 7 Yankee stadiums inside of the building.

    Number 7 – If you spent only 10 minutes in each store of the mall, it would take 86 hours to complete your tour. So you better love to shop when you come here.

    Number 6 – There is nearly 4.5 miles of store front footage - no need for a gym run after a visit here.

    Number 5 – 65 semi-trucks were required to transport trees for the indoor theme park.

    Number 4 – the Mall of America contains 13,300 tons of steel, two times more than in the Eiffel Tower.

    Number 3 – More than 170,000 LEGOs have gone missing in the designated LEGO play area.

    Number 2 - Even during the Minnesota winter, air conditioning systems are sometimes turned on in the building to keep the temperatures comfortable due to the heat from people, skylights and lighting fixtures.

    Number 1 – The Sea Life aquarium in the mall holds 1.2 million gallons of water.