Thief Stealing Trailer Spotted By Homeowner Flying Overhead

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A thief is witnessed by the homeowner flying overhead in a private plane.

Regardless of the plan, most thieves get caught.

59-year-old Virginia man, Gary Haines was arrested and charged with grand theft after allegedly stealing a trailer from a private residence.

According to police, the home and trailer owner had been flying his personal aircraft over his home in Glades County, when he witnessed an unknown male, who turned out to be Haines peeking in the windows and then attaching a trailer to his pick-up truck and driving off.

The homeowner followed Haines and contacted law enforcement officials who were able to catch up with Haines and make the arrest. Although the suspect was released on bond, his pickup was seized for forfeiture.

Earlier this year, another innocent man busted a thief. A homeowner woke up to find a strange man, named Christopher Moore in his bedroom. He grabbed a gun and ran outside.
He was able to snatch the suspect's keys and aimed his firearm at the culprit. During this awkward scene, Moore sat in his truck and called emergency operators stating "I'm out in the country somewhere. Some guy's got a gun on me". Officers soon arrived and charged Moore with burglary.