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    Blank Spots - "Spare Change" (Official Music Video!)


    by BlankTV

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    Band Name: Blank Spots
    Song Title: Spare Change
    Genre: Street Punk
    Location: San Francisco, California

    Blank Spots is a powerful new three piece outfit from San Frandisco. Guitar, Bass, and Drums stripped down, then built back up into a ball of energy ready to self explode.


    Once upon a time there was a guitarist called Talon who lived in a small room in the middle of a big city. He worked and worked and worked day and night to write songs that would captivate and motivate. One day, he thought to himself "Hmmm, these songs would sound better if I could just find someone who can create earthquake bass. Suddenly, in a puff of smoke, Andrew emerged from the haze and said "I'll be your bass player Talon, but we will need to keep the beat somehow." They searched the not so great land high and low to find the magical beat keeper. Then, one day, they ran into the amazing Cat, luckily they put the brakes on quick enough or they would have killed her, but that's another story. Anyway, Cat stepped forward and said "I'll be your drummer Talon, I can hit things really hard and keep that beat you have". And so Blank Spots was born and went out into the big nasty scary world of Punk Rock'N'Roll to seek fame and fortune, and to live happily ever after etc. etc.


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