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    Three Men Succeed In Staying Inside Ice Hut For 24 Hours


    by IBTimes


    Three men stayed in ice huts with freezing temperature for successive 24 hours on Monday in the "Frozen for 24 Hours" event held in the Changsha City of central China's Hunan Province.

    The challenge began at around 13:50 on Dec 30 and lasted until 14:00 on December 31.

    The "Ice Rooms" is built of ice, 1.8 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and two meters high and weighing over 50 kg. The temperature in the ice room was maintained at -5℃. The challengers should be in the ice room for 24 hours without eating, drinking, sleeping or resting and wearing little.

    The event engaged four challengers, and one quit the match 14 hours after the match began. Cui Deyi, known as "Huangshan Mountain Polar Bear" and Wang Baoyu, "Dentist-the Grate White", came out after staying in the ice hut for 24 hours.

    Cui Deyi is the world record keeper of winter swimming in Arctic Pole ice sea and Wang Baoyu has created numerous world records in surviving in extreme low temperature water.

    Another challenger Xiang Yong also successfully came out from the ice hut.