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    Classic Game Room - EXTREME-G 2 review for N64


    by ClassicGameRoom

    XG2 review! Shop CGR! Classic Game Room reviews EXTREME-G 2 for the Nintendo 64 from Acclaim and Probe released in 1998! XG2 is the direct sequel to 1997's excellent Extreme-G for the N64 and plays much the same with hyper-fast driving, wild track designs and futuristic weaponry. While the designers seem to make the game more EXTREME!!! for Extreme-G 2 they also mar its performance with murky visuals, frequent slowdown, boring music and clumsy track designs. XG2 is a fun game but a step back from the original that remains a futuristic combat racing game worth playing if you can find it for a good price (which you should be able to). CGR Extreme-G 2 video review features XG2 gameplay on N64. XG2 has numerous codes and cheats that unlock new bikes and features.