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    Classic Game Room - PIER SOLAR and the GREAT ARCHITECTS review for Sega Genesis


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Pier Solar review. Shop CGR! Classic Game Room reviews PIER SOLAR AND THE GREAT ARCHITECTS for Sega Genesis from WaterMelon released in 2010. Pier Solar and the Great Architects is a massive old-school style RPG like Phantasy Star IV or Final Fantasy where you wander as a party, grind, fight monsters in turn based combat style fights and solve puzzles. Amazing visuals and awesome music combined with a great plot and fun writing make Pier Solar a playable game. However, its brutal difficulty keeps this one aimed at serious RPG veterans and those with a lot of time and patience. Search every corner and behind every bush and pillar because you never know what Pier Solar has lurking in the corners. Learn to use gather and your magic spells as well as accessories and you'll survive the battles just long enough to reach the inn and sleep!!! Hours of fun and challenge await those willing to tackle this passionate release on the Sega Genesis. Pier Solar (available as a reprint) is a physical Sega Genesis release that plays on Sega Mega Drive in either PAL or NTSC.