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    2013 Must be the Love (RemixEvolution studio redub) feat Nadia Ali, BT, Shogun 720p HD HQ new remix

    Travis Roe

    by Travis Roe

    **visit our YT site for HD 720p and dload links
    Welcome to 2013! Our first release for the new year. This time it's a labour of love, being the beautiful Nadia Ali's vocals again. This one starts out dark and deep and nasty sounding, sweetens up with vocals and then turns more uplifting. With Must be the Love having been already given the once-over by not exactly unknown BT and Arty, we take the piano solo sections and loop them in places on the KORG, while running no less than 3 decks for the majority of our remix. The pace is picked up by around 1:39 and onto the change at 2, then again as the huge and epic bassline drops towards the end. This track will have legs for quite some time :)
    Our studio re-dub took over 3 weeks and includes more than 700 working files. A lot of sampling and looping was needed to raise the intensity of the track, and there's always a lot of room to move within Nadia Ali's awesome vocal range.
    Enjoy here in 720p/48khz resampled by Youtube so probably best to turn the quality above 360p if you want to hear it all properly. :) This was produced primarily on Korg and Vestax equipment as mentioned, though several software packages were also put to good use. Special credits for the awesome source material from Shogun, Arty, BT and Nadia Ali, this is a really nice track, very well done. It was an absolutely joy to mix and hear output on quality gear.
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