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    Lehren Movies

    by Lehren Movies

    When the kingdom of Jamah is attacked, the emperor is killed, his wife, Anam flees with her two infant sons, but ends up getting separated from them. She tries to kill herself, but Daresh Baba counsels her, brings her home and lets her live there so that she can look after his mother-less daughter, Shabana. Years later, Shabana has grown up and is in love with a young wrestler, Arsalan, who is Anam's son. Her other son, Firdaus, is still alive, and has been bestowed the title of 'Rustom-E-Rome' by none other than Shehzadi Ruma, who plans to marry him. Before that could happen, Firdaus is given a priceless knife and is asked to locate it's twin, and Shabana gets abducted by bandits. In the process of locating Shabana, Firdaus not only loses the knife, but also puts his, Shabana's and Arsalan's lives in jeopardy.