Wishes for year 2013 from SMJ Ischtar Zin Hussein Bint Faisal

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Wishes year 2013:
make to much sacrifices in your life, you must give back to the people God choose way and other purpose for you, God is superior to humanyou at your birth in the house of Bagdad which receive the mission to protect jesus' s land and to bring back its people in their first house, babylone. Cause there is no other beings will, and whatever you do, you will never succeed in other roads than god of life's road to rebuild its house cause when you have already faced deaths a few times in your life you are not fear anymore cause you know the true power of God and the true purpose God gave you to bring to the world: the 12 hashemite hadiths in Bagdad and the hashemite amended constitution brought back in its kingdom with love. The duty to respect your roots is the first God's law to succeed in your life; without your roots, you do not live, you are only a miserable ghost surviving like an animal feeded by God like the birds. QUOTES FROM PRINCESS ISCHTAR ZIN HUSSEIN BINT FAISAL 2 OF IRAQ

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