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    by HellCat

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    WOW Deva, congratulations. I am so happy for you. You truly are blessed. Its great to finally get everything you wanted, and to have someone special in your life to share it with makes you one of the lucky ones.
    In a couple months you will have a beautiful baby bump and I would offer my Photography services to you to remember this special time in your life, but I am in New York and don't plan to be out that way till around July, or Aug, but by then you might not want to have your picture like most women who are late in their pregnancy hate photos thinking they look fat..
    By napolitan_20003 years ago
    Hey thats great. I was not trying to be accusatory or mean. I was just curious. Cause I have not seen a video by you in awhile. I mean sure there are tons of them on cupcake and whatever but I mean there old. I still remember you from when you were 15,16 or w/e lol. but yeah cool grats
    By Rev063 years ago
    I am engaged to an amazing guy and we wanted children and I've always wanted babies so we decided to try to get me pregnant, and it finally worked! :)) Yes my parent's know. I told them as soon as I found out. But I'm 18 anyway.. so...
    By HellCat3 years ago
    Does your parents know? And who is the father some random or someone you are in a relationship with etc.
    I find this news to be akward and good at the same time but either way congrats.
    By Rev063 years ago
    she's never coming back
    By nosferatue3 years ago
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