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    International Novelty Orch. (Nat Shilkret) - Titina, 1925


    przez grzegorz240252

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    Thank you for this catchy and funny song.... as ever I am in awe at your visuals... "je cherche après" but I never find them so crisp and stylish... Wishing you Grzegorz in the first place and all your viewers a brilliant new year ;-)
    Przez kspm0220s3 lata temu
    Boston Blackie
    Thanks for the video G. It got 2013 off to a good start. It's hard to believe that the 2020's are now almost within view. Happy New Year to you and everyone in Poland.
    Przez Boston Blackie3 lata temu
    Hello everybody who loves Grzegorz'es vids - Happy New Year 2013 to all of us but to Grzegorz in the first place so he continues to upload his fantastic stuff!!! Chicago's Navy Pier kept shooting super fire works which could be widely enjoyed - since the temps were still mild until this morning. Happy New Year 2013 to all of us!!!
    Przez tango37213 lata temu
    Ginny Karyn (gigi129)
    Wonderful stunning visuals and a great song!
    I wish you a Happy New Year too! Bright blessings!
    Thank you for the superb music throughout the year.
    Przez Ginny Karyn (gigi129)3 lata temu