1974 Qadiani Parliament Hearings Analysis Part 3 (Urdu)

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Pages 57 to 115 of the proceedings, covering:
* Examples of the state having the right to curb the the expression of faith:
1. Students of a certain domicile, faith or ethnic group applying or a reserved seat
2. Non-Muslims not allowed into Mecca
3. Laws against the ancient Hindu practice of Satti
4. Hypothetical hippie-like religion that allows nudity
5. Mormons and polygamy in the United States
6. Historical example of Abu Bakr (ra) those who refused to pay Zakah

* Legal action by the owner of a strong brand

* Articles 41 and 91 that prescribe that the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan shall be Muslim

* Article 2 of the Constitution establishes Islam as the religion of the state. If this were not the case, this amendment may not have been required.

* Similarities with other states that have religion in their constitutions: Israel, United Kingdom, Nepal