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    Vampirates - "2013 Ten Year Anniversary US Tour Promo"


    by BlankTV

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    Band Name: Vampirates
    Song Name: 2013 Ten Year Anniversary US Tour Promo
    Genre: Hardcore, Electronic, Pop
    Record Label: Cocksmoker Chunk Records
    Location: Reno, Nevada

    "Then the vampirates played and proceeded to absolutely beat the shit out of eachother and simultaniously amaze and confuse the audience with the ferocity of the music and the barroom brawl vibe they have with eachother. Bass player loses his strap and takes a knee mid-song so as to finish playing. Singer sees this and proceedes to barrel right into him with his shoulder and then, just in case that wasn't enough, kicks him while he's trying to play. Guitar player sees it and any rational person would go stop this violent mayhem with his band mates. Does he stop it? No, he runs and jumps right into them with the same abandon one would when one cannon balls into a pool. Only this isn't a pool. It's people and they're in your band." - Ryan Stark
    Public Service Punk Rock

    Members: Dave Masud (vocals), Chris Tufino (drums), Pat Mayfield (basser), Chris Fox (guitar)
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