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    Work At Home, Make Money Online With Youtube And Funny Website


    by maryzhao6

    Many people are now using the Internet for new income streams. They don't want to become job dependent in this weak economy but instead start an online business that lets them work at home. Thousands of online entrepreneurs are now making 6-figure incomes.

    We are selling a ready-to-go, revenue producing and professional but easy to maintain 'funny picture and video website'. Why is this a good online business choice?

    1) You can make money at home with fun.

    2) Get rid of a boring 8am-5pm job rain or shine. Be you own boss and you control everything.

    3) It's low-risk. If you start with nothing and end with nothing, then nothing was lost. Instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for real estate, all your invest is a one-time start-up at $99 and less than $100/year for a domain name and hosting.

    4) Your Work is Your Own. When you work for someone else, all results of your efforts do not belong to you, but are the copyrights of that business. When you do your own online business, all the effort you put is your own copyright work. You make once and benefit from it all of your life.

    5) No fear of being fired. You can do what you love. During economy recession, unemployment rates around the world are high. Instead of fitting into a box designated by an employer, you can effectively create your own dream-job and enjoy it.

    6) There is unlimited growth potential with time. With a traditional job, you live on paychecks. Online entrepreneurs, on the other hand, can experience big breakthroughs and leaps in success.

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