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    Maro Charitra Songs - Prema Prema Song - Varun Sandesh Anita


    by mangovideos

    Balu (Varun Sandesh) is born and brought up in USA. Swapna (Anita) moves to USA because her father's research on Telugu folk songs is being encouraged by a university in USA. Balu and Anita are neighbours. Balu's father (Pratap Pothan) is highly sophisticated and is extremely strict in nature. Anita's mother (Urvashi) is highly rustic (Srikakulam accent) and narrow-minded. Balu and Anita fall in love, but parents oppose. Parents put a restriction that if these two lovers don't meet/communicate for a year, then they can get married. Balu joins a job. His boss (Shraddha Das) is a tender woman who is coming out of depression due to a personal loss. Anita's brother-in-law (Adarsh Bala Krishna) tries to create rift between Balu and Anita. Rest of the film is about how love prevails and lovers overcome all the obstacles.