Create a Passbook Pass for your Eye Prescription

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Pass Kit

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Creating a Passbook Pass for your Eye Prescription is quick, easy, fun and free.

Simply watch this video and follow the instructions.

1. Open your mobile browser on your iPhone or iPod Touch (running iOS6)
2. Visit
3. Scroll down to the sample passes
4. Choose the optician pass
5. Tap Add to Passbook
6. Enter your Prescription Details (you can include your optician's address and telephone number)
7. Add a photo of yourself from your iPhone's photo album
8. Enter your email address if you want to install the Pass on multiple devices and so you can reinstall it in the event of accidental deletion or loss
9. Tap Add to Passbook
10. And then Tap the blue Add button in the top right

You can then go into Passbook to see your newly created eye prescription pass. Tap the 'info' button at the bottom right to flip the Pass and access more information, including your optician's address.

If you want to customise the design simply choose Edit Pass Template in your browser