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    Minecraft - W1: P40 - Beta 1.2 Update


    by MyselfOverwhelmed

    All Minecraft Update 1.2 Notes:
    * Note blocks (right click to tune, trigger to play)
    * 15 wool dyes
    * New water dwelling mob, the squid (drops ink)
    * New tree types
    * Skeletons drop bones
    * Reeds magically turned into sugar canes. They still make paper
    * Dispenser that shoots out items
    * Cake! After placing, "harvesting" actually eats it
    * Overall tool durabilities have been increased
    * Torches can also be placed on glass
    * Gold tools mine faster. Durability is still really low
    * Sheep can spawn with white, light gray, gray, or black wool
    * Smelting logs gives charcoal, can be used like coal
    * Spinning pictures added back into mob spawners
    * Bones can be crafted into bonemeal, which when used on crops and trees, makes them instantly grow
    * Spiders can climb walls now (but not sand or sandstone, possibly other stuff too)
    * Torches can be placed on the ceiling if a wall is right next to it. Currently, they still face right-side-up

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