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    Cat Found Covered in Cactus Spines

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    A cat is discovered covered in cactus spines.

    Pets will often get themselves into a little trouble now and then. A one-year-old white and orange domestic cat was recently rescued by the Arizona Humane Society.

    Officials found the cat near an intersection completely covered in cactus spines. According to reports, the kitty had gotten stuck in a fence after its encounter with a cactus.

    It took officials more than two hours to remove the spines from the cat’s body, as some of them resided in delicate areas like its mouth and eyelids. Rescue workers have since named the mischievous kitty, Prickly Pete.

    They hope to find his owner, but if not, they will soon put the cat up for adoption.

    Earlier this year, another animal, a bulldog from Oklahoma named Bella Mae lived through a horrifying confrontation with a porcupine.
    The owners claim that Bella had been near a pond and apparently got too close to the wild animal. The encounter with the frightened rodent resulted in Bella receiving emergency veterinary care for 500 quills protruding from her body and face.