Snoutless Dog Beats Cancer, Prepares for Next Surgergy

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A hero dog is gearing up for reconstructive snout surgery.

A hero dog named, Kabang is getting ready for reconstructive snout surgery after beating cancer. The female dog previously lost her snout saving the lives of two girls in the Philippines.

On top of losing a portion of her face, the dog has also battled cancer and bouts with heartworm. According to a veterinary official “There is no evidence of any remaining tumor. As far as we know she has been cured of the transmissible venereal tumor.”

Kabang is residing at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in Davis. She is currently recovering after receiving care.

It will most likely take another month or two before she has the reconstructive snout surgery.

Kabang lost her snout and upper jaw after she threw herself in front of a moving motorcycle to save her owner's daughter and niece from getting hit.

A website dedicated to raising money for her had earned over 20 thousand dollars to pay for her travel expenses and medical care. The website to raise money for Kabang was started by a nurse in Buffalo, New York named Karen Kenngott.