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    Unusual Sand Dunes in Brazil

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    See the Brazilian sand dunes and lagoons known as Lençóis Maranhenses.

    Sand dunes are beautiful, natural wonders. Some of them really stand out.

    You'll find them at Lençóis Maranhenses in northeastern Brazil.

    There are many mounds of pale sand, yet there are also pools of turquoise speckled waters.

    Although it is certainly visually appealing, those water pools are lagoons, which make the site exceptionally rare in regards to the location of the accompanying sand dunes.

    Some small fish reside in the pools and every now and then you might spot birds flying over the sand dunes, but aside from that, wildlife is rather sparse in the area. The area is typically described as a desert, however that isn’t entirely true.

    Apparently, the rainy season causes depressions between the sand dunes, filling them with fresh water every year. Approximately forty seven inches of rain fall in the region every year while a true dessert typically receives less than 10 inches of rainfall.

    Located just outside of the Amazon Basin, the area consists of roughly 600 square miles. The landscape transforms each year by the seasonal cycles. Although the lagoons are only temporary bodies of water, some of them can stretch up to 300 feet long with a depth of approximately 10 feet.