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    Students Hold Teachers Under Siege After Failing Exam

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    Students hold teaches under siege after failing an exam.

    Some students will take desperate measures to get a passing grade. A group of female students in India recently held several teachers, including a headmistress under siege after failing an exam.

    The 29 students along with their parents held the school officials for 24 hours and only let the teachers go after West Bengal Council for Higher Secondary Examination agreed to look over the girl's answer-scripts again.

    One angry student stated “Our answer scripts have not been properly checked. The headmistress had told us earlier that out of 104 examinees, 14 cleared the exams, while the other 90 have been allowed after consideration.”

    Although the students are happy that their exams will receive a second look, the teachers are humiliated, as they feel their decisions have been undermined.

    Earlier this year, the tables were turned. Kazan University students in Russia were constrained in class for 23 hours straight; even restricted from using the bathroom.
    The university claimed that long, oral exams were part of the course. The oral exam occurred on June 26, beginning at 10 in the morning, dragging on until 9 the next morning.