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    Man's Life Saved By Injecting Alcohol

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    by Geo Beats

    A man's life is saved by an alcohol injection.

    Doctors saved a man’s life in the United Kingdom by injecting neat alcohol into his heart.

    The man suffered from a rare heart rhythm known as ventricular tachycardia that can be potentially fatal if the patient is not treated.

    The doctors used pure ethanol to induce a controlled heart attack and kill the part of his heart muscle that was causing the irregular rhythm.

    This procedure has only been done a few times before in the UK, and this time it was a great success.

    There was no other medical treatment that could have saved the man’s life who is out of the hospital.

    Alcohol has been purported to have medical uses besides just sterilizing instruments.

    Alcohol is used as a solvent to separate chemicals from each other and create more pure compounds and medicines.

    Furthermore, medical research has shown that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages can improve heart health and protect a person from heart disease.

    Other studies have shown that women who drink even four glasses of wine in a week increase their chances of developing breast cancer by 15 percent.

    What do you think? Does alcohol have medicinal benefits?