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    Artist Uses Mushrooms as Canvas

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An artist uses mushrooms as a canvas.

    Mushrooms aren’t just for eating. One man, Corey Corcoran is engraving detailed scenes into artist conk mushrooms.

    His illustrations are intricately carved into the underside of the mushroom, which serves as a very unique canvas. The varying shades of brown depict a rustic element.

    Most of the illustrations revolve around nature. One mushroom depicts plant life, with leaves drooping from braches and ground based plants.

    Tree forms are carved stemming from the bottom of the mushroom along with flowers stretching upwards from the ground. Insects and humans also appear in some of the artistic mushrooms.

    Another art piece shows two human feet standing in carved grass. A set of hands resides on the mushroom, carved in the corner next to each foot.

    The size of each piece varies from six to twenty four inches depending on the mushroom size.

    Artist's conk mushrooms are common in New England, particularly in Maine.

    They grow on sugar maple trees and other hardwoods.

    How do you like the artwork?