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    Baby Saved after Being Born in Holland Tunnel

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    A baby is saved after being born in the Holland Tunnel.

    Holland Tunnel sees a lot of action everyday but not like what it experienced recently.

    A couple was driving towards a Brooklyn medical facility after the mom went into labor two weeks earlier than expected. A tunnel authority representative states “Her water broke as they were coming through the toll lane. And by the time they got into the tunnel, the baby’s head was crowning.”

    The baby had already been born by the time the couple emerged from the tunnel, but they pulled over for help because the baby was not breathing. Holland tunnel officials created a makeshift oxygen tent from a blanket which was filled from a reserve tank.

    The infant opened his eyes shortly after and both mom and baby are said to be doing fine.

    Earlier this year, a Florida couple was en route to the hospital for the birth of their third child.
    They only made it 2 blocks from their home before mom's water broke and less than 10 minutes later, they were parked at 7-Eleven. With assistance from a 911 operator, dad used his own shoe string to tie the umbilical cord once his nearly 10 pound son was in his arms.