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    Number 13 and the Revelation of the Divine Feminine Pt. 2


    by ausetsekhmet

    Part 2 gets into the Tarot card 13 of 'Death' and talks about male monarchy and spiritual patriarchy facing death, transition and transformation. The sun rises to awaken the young girl who is the 'sleeping beauty' in this card suspended in a state of chrysalis until she awakens to her true 'Divinity'. The revelation of the Divine Feminine will bring balance and harmony to the planet and not 'gender control'. James Brown said in his song "It is a Man's World', the Divine Feminine will make it 'Our World'.

    The letter 'M' is the 13th letter equated with Mother, Matriarchy, Mu, matrix, mammary glands, moon, Monday, menstruation, MotherNature, mystery... consider 'M' in the 007 movie's 'Head of the Secret Intelligence Service' - a Woman!

    The 13th sign of Ophiuchus, the serpent holder is related to a more ancient male serpent holder the Egyptian physician Imhotep, the serpent holder - the Healer. I reveal the Mother goddess of the Zodiac: Tauret - 22, the Architect and Master Builder, a fertility goddess over pregnancy and childbirth that assisted the sun with it's daily rising. Moorish science also states that the first woman created the the zodiac and was known as Zudiacus, whose 12 signs were known as the 'Clock of Destiny' as women are biological clocks, geneticists, astrologers and numerologists. So much more in this video!

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