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    Number 13 and the Revelation of the Divine Feminine Pt. 1


    by ausetsekhmet

    This video is about the Revelation of the Number 13 and how it is intimately tied into the Divine Feminine , it is a 3 part series from Genesis to Revelation in which I 'decode' how 13 has been suppressed from it's association with the Woman and is the actual 'gate' through which the Emergence of the Divine Feminine will awaken her to her dormant powers. 13 is related to our genetic coding and plan evolution for Ascension!

    Part 1 addresses the ethomology of thirteen, feminine, divine, nature and divination - a word that 'religion' views as 'taboo' and associated with black magic and witchcraft, but actually locks you down so that you will not access your ability to walk in your divinity. The meaning of 13 is abundantly explored. S/he that understands the Power of 13 will be given Dominion and Power!

    Auset Sekhmet
    Your Esoteric Numerologist

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