Nile - Supreme Humanism Of Megalomania (Instrumental cover)

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Me, covering the song called « Supreme Humanism of Megalomania » from the latest Nile album : At the Gate of Sethu (2012). Genre : Technical Death Metal.

You can find the guitar pro tab (not made by me) here :

Video mixed with Sony Vegas Pro 10.
The guitars clean tracks (DI) was recorded directly in the DAW and "re-amped" after. (I'm playin throught my audio device and the Radial PRO-RMP, this is why they're no mics front of the amp in this video !).
Sound mixed/mastered with Cubase 5 and a lot of stuff :

Equipement :
- Agile Pro Interceptor 727 guitar tuned in Drop A with Dean Marley LTHB 7 strings set.
- Pedal board : Maxon OD-808, ISP Decimator (and Boss GE-7 in the loop) Others pedals are not used for this cover.
- Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo amp
- Radial PRO-RMP for re-amping
- Re-amping mics : SM-57, MD421 and AT2020
- Tascam US-1800 external audio device

Mixing :
- Drums done using the midi track from the guitar pro tab on Superior Drummer with Drumagog samples for the kick and the snare. Also eqing, comp, verb... with Waves VST plugins.
- Bass track done using the midi track too (I don't own a 5 strings bass to do the job unfortunatly) with AmpegSVX vst, eqing and compression done with Waves VST.
- 4 Guitars tracks : 1 full panned left and 1 full panned right. Also, 2 others positionned like in the guitar pro tab for harmonics and stereo wide enhancing.

Mastering :
- Used Cubase RoomWorks reverb (a little bit) and Waves L316 maximizer/multiband compressor.

I also used the cubase MonoDelay VST plugin on the Karl's guitar track like he is using on stage.

Rate and comment if you like it or not :)

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